Friday, June 29, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Laced Up

Everyone knows I'm a big fan of the Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips.  They're a nice change from regular polish if I'm in a hurry and need something nice on my nails.  There is virtually zero clean-up so I can do them anywhere!  I especially like wearing them on vacation because I don't have to worry about tip wear or chipping.  I've had these lace designs for a very long time.  In fact, they may be some of the first strips I've ever purchased and it's taken me months to use them.  Last weekend my boyfriend and I went to a wedding for our very close friends and I was running around trying to get everything done, which left me little time to do my nails.  My dress was black and I wore black and gold jewelry so these were a good choice.  I ended up picking them off two days later but I enjoyed the design while they lasted.  Since I have small nails, I'm able to cut the full nail design in half and eliminate wasting perfectly good strips.  And I'm able to get two manicures out of each package, which makes it worthwhile in my mind!  I always add a coat of top coat to keep the strips from peeling up on the sides.  I did a wear test with some strips without using top coat and they barely lasted a full day on me.  Apparently I'm hard on my nails, ha!

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  1. I really like these! They look like an awesome pair of tights. :) NOTHING lasts on me. If I can make it through two days with minimal chipping it's a minor miracle. I hope you had fun at the wedding with all your running around! :)


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